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About Total Moulding Solutions

At Total Moulding Solutions, we provide top-notch plastic injection moulding services to our clients in Durham and throughout County Durham. Our plastic injection services include in-mould labelling, 2k injection moulding, product reverse engineering, 3D printing, prototyping, design services, sledge manufacturing, wholesale options, and innovative product design. Whether you need sophisticated plastic moulding solutions or have specific project requirements, our team is equipped and ready to assist. Contact us for more details about our offerings; our dedicated professionals are always available to field your calls, address your queries, and support your needs. Choose Total Moulding Solutions as your creative partner to turn your visionary ideas into reality.

Why Partner with Total Moulding Solutions?

Nestled in the dynamic North East of England, Total Moulding Solutions leads the plastic injection moulding sector, which is distinguished by unmatched innovation and quality. Our holistic approach spans the entire project lifecycle - from concept design and tool manufacturing to final production - within our cutting-edge facility in Durham. Our infrastructure is primed to cater to a broad spectrum of product requirements with machinery ranging from 50 to 1,100 tonnes. This all-encompassing service model, fused with over five decades of collective team expertise, guarantees efficient project management and superior product quality. Specialising in 2K injection moulding and in-mould labelling, we tailor efficient solutions to your needs, all while upholding our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Advanced CAD / CAM Design

The genesis of product development: Our product development journey commences with the latest industrial software, allowing for your product's precise and efficient design. By leveraging sophisticated CAD/CAM technology alongside our extensive engineering knowledge, we significantly streamline the production timeline, reducing time and costs. Our capable team swiftly generates accurate tool manufacturing data from any project start point, ensuring a smooth transition from idea to physical product. This method meets specific project demands and highlights our dedication to efficiently delivering customised, top-quality solutions.

Our Services

Total Moulding Solutions offers extensive services designed to address every facet of product development and manufacturing, ensuring unmatched precision, efficiency, and innovation. Our proficiency in plastic injection moulding allows us to fabricate plastic components with extraordinary accuracy. Through in-mould labelling and advanced 2K injection moulding, we merge design with functionality, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and enabling the creation of multi-material, colorful products in a singular process. Our capabilities in reverse engineering, 3D printing, and prototyping speed up the design visualisation and testing phases, ensuring products are ready for mass production.

Our 3D design services extend our portfolio, turning initial ideas into real-world products and offering comprehensive solutions from concept to final production. As a premier provider in sledge manufacturing and wholesaling, we prioritise product performance and durability. Our focus on innovative product design aims to develop solutions that surpass market demands and expectations.

Connect With Total Moulding Solutions Today

For those in Durham or the surrounding County Durham area interested in learning more about our plastic injection moulding services, such as in-mould labelling, 2k injection moulding, reverse engineering, 3D printing, prototyping, and more, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is eager to address any inquiries and discuss how we can fulfill your plastic moulding needs. Visit our website for a detailed overview of our services available throughout County Durham and the broader UK. Total Moulding Solutions is here to answer any questions and assist with your projects, ensuring your plastic injection moulding needs are met with the highest standards.

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