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About Saving Light Bulbs

Here at Saving Light Bulbs, we offer a wide range of light bulb productss such as light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs, energy saving bulbs, different light bulbs, security light bulbs, energy saving filament bulbs, bulb fitting types, 12v LED lights, LED ceiling lights, and LED bulbs to people throughout Farnham and Surrey. Please call or email us today for additional information about our light bulb products. We're always on hand to take your call, answer any questions, and deal with any enquiries that you may have.

Experienced Ligh Bulb Store

Saving Light Bulbs, based in Farnham, is a UK-based online retailer specialising in energy-efficient lighting solutions, including various light bulbs such as LED bulbs, halogen bulbs, and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). We offer a range of energy-saving light bulbs for residential and commercial use, ensuring customers can access modern, energy-saving technologies that significantly reduce electricity consumption and carbon footprints. We provide detailed information on different light bulbs' benefits and cost savings, emphasising their environmental advantages and long-term financial benefits. With over 1,000 products in inventory, customers can find various bulb fitting types, including energy-saving filament bulbs, 12v LED lights, and LED ceiling lights, backed by competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Saving Light Bulbs offers valuable services such as free energy surveys, lighting scheme advice for new builds and refurbishments, and electrical services for residential and commercial properties. Saving Light Bulbs ensures secure online transactions through PCI DSS compliance and 256-bit SSL encryption. Our customers can enjoy the convenience of fast, often next-day delivery and a warranty of up to five years on many products. By promoting energy-efficient lighting solutions, Saving Light Bulbs helps reduce CO2 emissions and supports businesses in obtaining financial and tax advantages through compliance with Carbon Trust specifications. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in the positive reviews and testimonials from a diverse clientele. Additionally, we offer specialised products such as security and energy-saving bulbs, making us a one-stop shop for all lighting needs.

Our Range Of LED Bulbs

Our LED Bulbs and Lamps section of Saving Light Bulbs offers an extensive range of energy-saving lighting solutions, including LED GLS bulbs, filament GLS bulbs, flame tip and candle bulbs, golf ball bulbs, PL lamps, and capsule bulbs. These products are designed to provide high efficiency without sacrificing brightness, making them ideal for both practical and decorative purposes. LED GLS bulbs are versatile and can be used in various fixtures such as ceiling, table, and floor lamps. Filament GLS bulbs, with their 360-degree light distribution and warm hue, replicate the look of traditional incandescent bulbs, making them a popular decorative choice.

Our customers can choose various shapes, sizes, and color temperatures to suit different fixtures and interior designs. Our range includes candle bulbs, perfect for chandeliers and decorative light fixtures, available in standard and flame tip shapes with gold and silver coloring options. The LED filament bulbs, including the G125 and ST64 shapes, are particularly noted for their vintage style and energy efficiency. Our bulbs significantly reduce energy consumption, lowering electricity bills and reducing carbon footprint. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan, often over 30,000 hours, which means fewer replacements and less waste. Saving Light Bulbs ensures secure online transactions, fast delivery, and excellent customer service, making it a reliable choice for energy-saving lighting needs.

Contact Saving Light Bulbs Today

If you are based in Farnham and the surrounding areas of Surrey, and you would like to know more information about the lighting products that we offer like light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs, energy saving bulbs, different light bulbs, security light bulbs, energy saving filament bulbs, bulb fitting types, 12v LED lights, LED ceiling lights, and LED bulbs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss what type of lighting bulb product or service you may be looking for. We are always here to deal with any enquiries and answer any questions regarding the light bulb products we provide in Farnham. Alternatively, you can visit our website for a complete overview of our light bulb products throughout Surrey.

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Energy Saving LED Bulb Specialists

Here at Saving Light Bulbs, we specialise in providing energy-saving lighting products, including a wide range of LED bulbs, lamps, and halogen bulbs. Saving Light Bulbs offers light bulb products des...

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Saving Light Bulbs Reviews

Reviews (3)

High Quality Light Bulbs

Always get by light bulbs from SLB, lots of stock and quick delivery

Wednesday 29th of May 2024 by Thatch Shortcliffe


Excellent 12v LED Lights

I bought these 12v LED spotlights to replace halogen ones, and they work fine using the existing transformer. Good price and delivered quickly - a good retailer.

Wednesday 29th of May 2024 by Adriane Lippini


Outstanding LED Bulbs

We ordered some LED bulbs years ago. None of them have blown - our more recent order was for new ones for elsewhere.

Wednesday 29th of May 2024 by Garik Bende


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