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About Perfect Pooches

Here at Perfect Pooches, we are a family-run business who specialise in Dog Behaviour Training in Battle, East Sussex. Should you be looking for Cockapoo breeders, Cavapoo breeders, Cockapoo puppies, Cockapoo puppies for sale, registered dog breeders, Toy poodle breeders, artificial insemination for dogs, dog behaviour training, and licensed dog breeders in or around Battle, East Sussex then we firmly believe that Perfect Pooches should be your only port of call. From our dog grooming salon, you can find only the best service for your beloved pooch in a relaxed and calm environment.

We Are Experienced In Dog Behaviour Training

Dogs can misbehave for various reasons, such as separation anxiety, constant barking, aggression, destructive chewing, and pulling on the lead. Separation anxiety can cause a dog to become destructive when left alone. Different barks can express various emotions, and we can help you identify these to better understand your dog's needs. Addressing aggression requires specific treatments depending on how it's displayed while chewing, though beneficial, needs to be directed toward acceptable items. We can also teach your dog to walk beside you instead of pulling, as allowing pulling occasionally can reinforce the behavior.

These are just a few ways we can assist you with dog behavior training. For more information, tips, or advice, contact our friendly team. We'll discuss the steps we can take together for effective Dog Behavior Training in Battle, East Sussex.

Professional and Experienced

With over 15 years of experience as Cockapoo breeders, Cavapoo breeders, Cockapoo puppies, Cockapoo puppies for sale, registered dog breeders, Toy poodle breeders, artificial insemination for dogs, dog behaviour training, and licensed dog breeder in Battle, East Sussex, the team here at Perfect Pooches are the "perfect" people to see when you have any concerns regarding your dog's behaviour. Some new dog owners may not understand the effects even small cases of misbehaviour can have in the long term, as their dog may learn that these behaviours are acceptable without being taught otherwise. The many years of experience we have acquired have given us the skills to identify and eradicate such dog behaviour before it becomes anything more than a minor issue, giving all of our customers the peace of mind they deserve.

We Excel In Dog Breeding

As a successful dog fertility service, stud dog handling, and artificial insemination service for dogs in Battle, East Sussex, Perfect Pooches has built up a fantastic reputation as a private dog breeder, licensed dog breeder, and canine fertility services. Everything we do regarding these services is done with the utmost care and planning to ensure all of our customers are rewarded with a safe and sound litter from a quality breed. These are just some of the reasons we believe that you can be safe in the knowledge that Perfect Pooches is the go to place in Battle, East Sussex for all of your canine fertility services, stud dog handling, private dog breeders, licensed dog breeders and dog fertility service.

Contact Perfect Pooches Today

If you are looking for a professional dog grooming service, artificial insemination service for dogs, licensed dog breeders, dog behaviour training, dog fertility service, dog grooming salon, private dog breeders, canine fertility services, dog microchipping or stud dog handling in Battle, East Sussex, Perfect Pooches have you covered. We are a family business that puts our heart and soul into every aspect of what we do because we love doing it. We are fully registered and licensed, of course; however, we feel the best thing about Perfect Pooches is our attention to detail and love for all our dogs. All puppies we provide come with the very best care and are immunised early using homeopathic nosodes. We also guarantee all of our puppies will be vet checked, microchipped, immunised through nosodes (we don't use vaccines due to the high number of adverse reactions in young puppies), come with a contract and with extensive information on rearing your puppy, and how to keep them healthy. We also offer lifetime support, so you can always pick up the phone if unsure. Get in touch today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What breeds of dogs do you offer for stud services?

We offer stud services for a variety of breeds, including but not limited to Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Pomeranians, Poodles, Maltese, Cocker Spaniels, and Dachshunds.

How long does the breeding process take?

The breeding process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on factors such as the timing of the female's heat cycle and the success of the breeding.

How do i know if my female dog is suitable for breeding?

We recommend that your female dog undergoes a health check and is up to date on all vaccinations and preventative care before considering breeding. Additionally, we evaluate each female dog on an individual basis to ensure that they meet our breeding standards.

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Dog Behaviour Training Service

Perfect Pooches in East Sussex offers dog behaviour training classes designed to address a variety of common canine issues such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, aggression, destructive chewin...

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Perfect Pooches Reviews

Reviews (3)

Excellent Artificial Insemination For Dogs Services

Perfect Pooches is a brilliant place, run impeccably and to very high standards. Anna is absolutely wonderful and incredibly helpful. I have used her stud services and also bought a beautiful ragdoll kitten. I have used her stud services a few times now and certainly won't be looking to use any other stud services. If I've needed any help or had any questions, she has been more than happy to help and will get back to me very quickly.

Friday 7th of June 2024 by Henrietta McClinton


Outstanding Registered Dog Breeder

Bought a Cockerpoo from Anna. Beautiful dog. Came pretty much toilet trained. Very helpful after advice. Registered breeder with Rother District Council.

Friday 7th of June 2024 by Mirabel McMorland


Highly Rated Dog Breeder

Lovely place in beautiful surroundings. Anna is very professional and is a fabulous breeder. All her dogs and cats look super healthy and happy.

Friday 7th of June 2024 by Dannie Gonnely


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