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About PC-Dial-A-Fix

PC-Dial-A-Fix is a leading computer repair company based in Bristol with expertise in fixing all computer-related issues, especially with custom built computers and local PC repair. We will effectively remove viruses in your PC, laptop, and provide a full data recovery service. If you live in Bristol and are looking for PC repair, Laptop repair, or computer repair, make sure you contact PC-Dial-A-Fix today. We can talk to you about your problems and put a strategic plan in place quickly for fixing your computer in the most efficient manner possible; we can also support you throughout the process. Our passionate team is here to be on hand whenever you need us.

Why Choose PC-Dial-A-Fix?

As a Bristol-based team, we can offer an effective virus removal service that can significantly speed up your computer and eliminate any potentially damaging files that might be lingering in the system waiting to attack! Helping keep your computer in its best shape means you can keep your setup running longer without replacing it. Viruses can be dangerous to your computer if left untreated, so we encourage you to contact us about our virus removal service as soon as possible! When it comes to repairing computers, PC-Dial-A-Fix is the one to call! We have years of experience working in Bristol, helping hundreds, if not thousands of people who needed their computers fixed quickly. As part of our everyday service, we offer laptop screen repair, local pc repair, and a data recovery service, as well as being able to deal with the vast majority of custom-built computers.

Laptop Repairs in Bristol

If you are looking for computer repair services, laptop repair, PC repair, computer repair, or a company that offers virus removal services in Bristol, you have certainly come to the right place. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable computer technicians and engineers will quickly be able to diagnose the problem (even when it's not so obvious). It will have your computer or PC returned to you just as soon as we have finished repairing it! Whether you are looking for a data recovery service, computer repair services, laptop repair, or laptop screen repair in Bristol, PC-Dial-A-Fix can help you. By calling us today, we can discuss your options with you, give you any advice necessary, and provide you with an estimate on all future repair work based on the details you provide us with. Alternatively, you can visit us online and read more about the PC repair, laptop repair, or computer repair services we provide.

Software And Hardware Upgrades

The computer software and hardware upgrades we provide across Bristol are a cost efficient alternative to purchasing a new computer. If your computer is only a few years old a software or hardware upgrade could be vital to help speed up your computer and make it run like brand new.

Our computer hardware and laptop hardware upgrades include:

Memory Upgrade - This will help your computer speed up and allow for easier surfing online

Bigger Hard Drive Upgrade - This helps give your computer more storage space

Graphics Card Upgrade - This helps improve your graphics for your computers

At PC-Dial-A-Fix, we do a free checkup on your system to determine the best way to upgrade it, giving you the best value for your money.

Get In Touch With PC-Dial-A-Fix Today

As a team of computer wizards based in Bristol, we can help fix your computers quickly! Our team of technicians is more than happy to take your call; we can answer any questions you may have regarding any of the services we offer, ranging from; laptop repair, computer repair, virus removal service, laptop screen repairs, computer repair services, data recovery services, keyboard replacement, and custom built computers. Alternatively, you can visit our website where you will find it is full of information, hopefully, you will find the answers to any of the questions you have also any queries you may have. Our team is happy to help you, and we hope to hear from you soon as PC-Dial-A-Fix. We are working hard to help you repair any computer-related issues you have in the best way we can.

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PC-Dial-A-Fix Reviews

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Andy was very responsive and extremely helpful. The work was done quickly and efficiently. I would recommend it to anyone and will return to PC Dial A Fix for any future computer issues.

Wednesday 7th of June 2023 by Ryon Elmhurst



Needed a RAM upgrade in my laptop, and found PC Dial A Fix on Google. Andy was very helpful and sorted it out for me in a day. The price for the RAM fitting was totally reasonable; I can highly recommend this service

Wednesday 7th of June 2023 by Mellisent Perocci



The laptop was new but in a mess to the point I wanted to get rid of it; Andy installed more memory and updates on it so it ran quickly and smoothly again! This was a super fast service as well. Then had a problem with the screen, which Andy replaced over the busy Xmas/ new year period. It is now running and looking as good as new! I highly recommend Andy!

Wednesday 7th of June 2023 by Orrin Andreassen


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