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About Amalgam Exterior Cleaning

Here at Amalgam Exterior Cleaning, we offer a wide range of exterior cleaning services such as gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, commercial window cleaning, render cleaning, and fascia and soffit cleaning throughout Bournemouth and surrounding areas of Dorset. If you would like further information on the services that we offer, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our team members today. We would love to assist you in any way we can. Our team at Amalgam Exterior Cleaning is passionate about helping you find the service most suited to your needs. With many years of experience, Amalgam Exterior Cleaning is an affordable cleaning company in Bournemouth that has exceeded in the cleaning industry and offers a wide range of cleaning services that will help keep your areas clean.

Why Choose Amalgam Exterior Cleaning?

Amalgam Exterior Cleaning, located in Bournemouth, provides various specialised exterior cleaning services for homes and businesses. Their expertise covers services like window cleaning for both sectors, roof treatments, conservatory roof maintenance, high-pressure washing, cleaning of fascias and soffits, solar panel cleaning, rendering cleaning, and gutter cleaning. Amalgam Exterior Cleaning utilises cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to deliver superior outcomes, emphasising their commitment to eco-conscious practices. The company is known for its attention to detail and a strong focus on ensuring client satisfaction, guaranteeing that your premises are in expert hands with their skilled team.

Amalgam Exterior Cleaning addresses the necessity of exterior maintenance, particularly against Britain's challenging weather conditions, focusing on enhancing appearance and maintenance and providing cost-effective solutions. They highlight the significance of maintaining aesthetic appeal, preserving condition, and offering value through affordable pricing strategies. Amalgam Exterior Cleaning distinguishes itself with its flexibility to meet varied cleaning requirements and pledges to deliver high-quality services at reasonable costs. Their range of advanced cleaning methods, including efficient steam cleaning and intensive jet washing, is designed to revitalise the exterior of properties, boost their aesthetic appeal, and extend their durability.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Amalgam Exterior Cleaning offers specialised commercial window cleaning services in Bournemouth and the surrounding Dorset area, catering to the unique needs of businesses. Understanding the importance of first impressions, Amalgam Exterior Cleaning ensures that shop fronts are clean and provide an inviting look through their professional cleaning services. This enhances the business premises' visibility and improves indoor air quality by removing potential allergens like mold and dust. Our esteemed client list includes well-known establishments like KFC and Travis Perkins, showcasing their ability to maintain sparkling shop fronts, elevating customer satisfaction, and allowing business owners to concentrate on their core operations. Our commitment to delivering window cleaning services, whether weekly or bi-weekly, underlines our dedication to maintaining the professional appearance of businesses in Bournemouth and Dorset.

Pressure Washing

Amalgam Exterior Cleaning specialises in pressure washing services in Bournemouth and Dorset, ensuring patios, driveways, and decking appear immaculate and are safely maintained. Recognising the importance of maintaining the aesthetic and safety of outdoor spaces, Amalgam Exterior Cleaning takes the burden off homeowners and businesses by providing exterior cleaning services. They highlight the inefficacy of domestic pressure washers compared to their professional-grade equipment, which delivers a thorough clean by removing dangerous moss, algae, and slime, thus preventing slips and falls. This service enhances the property's appearance, contributing to its value and extending the lifespan of outdoor surfaces. Amalgam Exterior Cleaning employs advanced techniques, including high and low-pressure washes with eco-friendly chemicals and biocides, to ensure a deep clean that leaves surfaces sparkling and safer.

Get In Touch With Us Today

If you are based in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas of Dorset, and you would like to know more information about the exterior cleaning services that we offer, like gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, commercial window cleaning, render cleaning, and fascia and soffit cleaning Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me today. We are always here to deal with any enquiries, and answer any questions that you may have regarding the exterior cleaning services that we provide in Bournemouth. Alternatively, you can visit our website for a complete overview of our exterior cleaning services throughout Dorset. Call today to book a time with us to get your areas cleaned.

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