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About AB Private Investigators

Welcome to AB Private Investigations, your trusted source for a wide range of investigative services in Leeds,London, Sheffield, Bradford, Wakefield, and the UK. Our team comprises highly skilled private investigators, private detectives, and fraud investigators dedicated to providing top-quality solutions. Explore our comprehensive offerings, including private detective services, debtor tracing, bug sweeping, cheating partner surveillance, private PI services, and freelance investigator services.

Cheating Partner Surveillance

Are doubts plaguing your relationship due to subtle changes in behavior? Confirming suspicions before confronting your partner or deciding about the future is essential. At AB Private Investigations, our expert team specialises in in-depth infidelity investigations, ensuring your peace of mind. We customise our cheating partner surveillance services for each client, conducting discreet investigations at any location and time.

Over the past few months, we've successfully confirmed suspicions in over 96% of cheating partner cases, providing clients with concrete evidence. Rest assured, our private detectives prioritise discretion, ensuring your partner remains unaware of our involvement.

What Private Investigators Do

AB Investigations prides itself on providing an extensive array of private investigation and corporate investigation services, all conducted with the utmost commitment to confidentiality. Our team of highly skilled private investigators has the expertise to address a wide spectrum of needs and concerns. From conducting surveillance operations that require utmost discretion to collecting vital intelligence and discreetly installing covert cameras for visual documentation, we have the skills and experience to deliver accurate and reliable results. Our clientele spans various sectors, encompassing legal professionals, solicitors, commercial entities, and private individuals seeking solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

We understand that each client's needs are unique, and our private investigators are adept at customising our services to meet these specific demands. Whether it involves monitoring individuals' activities, gathering critical intelligence, or ensuring the security of personal or corporate vehicles, AB Investigations leverages cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide comprehensive solutions. Our dedication to client satisfaction extends to all sectors, ensuring that legal professionals, businesses, and individuals can rely on our expertise to address their concerns effectively and confidentially.

The Legal Framework

Concerned about the legality of hiring a private investigator? AB Investigations operates within strict legal and ethical boundaries. We are affiliated with the Association of British Investigators (ABI) and registered with the Independent Commissioners Office (ICO). Our private investigators adhere to a code of ethics outlined by the ABI, ensuring our reputation as a trustworthy and law-abiding company.

Legal Scope of Work in the UK

Our private investigators never engage in illegal or unethical practices. Legally, a private investigator can monitor and covertly observe individuals of interest. Whether it's a business associate attempting fraud, an employee misleading you, a claimant exaggerating illness, or someone you care about engaging in harmful habits, certainty is crucial. However, if you're certain but unable to prove it, a private investigator can step in. Additionally, we offer legally compliant vehicle tracking services for owned vehicles or fleets.

Background Checks

Private investigators are also proficient in performing comprehensive and discreet background checks on individuals and businesses across the UK. Unlike online database searches, we provide detailed information. For instance, our criminal check reveals charges, including where and when they occurred convictions, and incident details. When conducting tenant history checks, we delve into events such as evictions and credit histories, providing comprehensive reports.

Contact Our Expert Team Today

If you're based in Leeds, London, Sheffield, Bradford, Wakefield, and throughout the UK and seek information about our services as local private detectives, private investigators, and fraud investigators, please don't hesitate to contact our experienced team. We're here to address your enquiries, answer questions, and provide insights into our private investigation services throughout the region. Alternatively, visit our website for a comprehensive overview of our offerings as private investigators in Leeds, where you'll find all the information you need. We look forward to assisting you.

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AB Private Investigators Reviews

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Adam is the person that I feel lifted a weight and endless sleepless nights. I needed to trace an Individual and Adam and his company were fast effective and 100 percent honest. His advise was above and beyond. I called late in the evening and yet he answered. His advise was invaluable and there fees Very very good. Solicitor's who drag there feet and what they charge you can only be added worry. Please if you ever need any individual tracing do not pay a solicitor or any tracing company please go to AB Investigation

Wednesday 31st of January 2024 by Gwendolen Burleigh



After more than 2 months of my lawyer trying and failing to trace an individual to recover a significant debt, I saw what a private investigator could do. I made contact with AB Private Investigators, provided them with as much information on the individual that I had and within 24 hours, I received news they had successfully traced him. My lawyer has now successfully served the demands at this address and I now have hope of recovering what is owed.

Wednesday 31st of January 2024 by Corty de Quesne



Hired Adam at AB to conduct an employee investigation and have to say the deliverance of the task was exemplary. Completed within a short time frame, and the information provided was exactly what we required. Very professional!

Wednesday 31st of January 2024 by Ericka Mokes


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